Thursday, 3 September 2015

AU student insurance plan in a limbo

Times of India

ALLAHABAD: A proposal by the authorities of Allahabad University for providing health and accidental insurance to its students, has failed to see the light of the day. It has been almost three years since the varsity authorities proposed providing this vital insurance cover to the students on minimal rates, but the file is untraceable in the administrative galleries of the university.

It was proposed by varsity authorities that students pursuing different courses on the campus would be asked to pay a minimal amount of money (around Rs 100, per annum) after if he or she suffers an injury from an accident or any serious ailment which needs hospitalisation, the group insurance and group health scheme cover the student not only for accidental claims but hospital expenses too.

According to the proposed scheme, students of AU could opt for getting insured at the time of admission and the scheme was to be extended to constituent colleges also. In case of any ailment, the scheme would be in addition to the existing OPD facility at the health centre of AU.

Later, a tender was floated by the varsity administration and several companies working in the field of providing group insurance had given their rates. The Executive Council, in one of its meeting, had asked the varsity authorities to constitute a committee which would look into the details of how the money could be realized by the students, what would be areas covered under the scheme and other general policy regarding functioning of the scheme on the campus.

The committee, headed by dean faculty of Law, Rakesh Khanna, gave its recommendation to the varsity submitting in full details as to how to move forward while implementing this vital scheme for the students.

"It was of utmost importance from the students perspective as by paying a minimal premium, the students were getting an insurance cover of Rs 50,000 if he or she gets hospitalised because of any ailment, which covers the basic needs of the students at this age. The recommendations have been submitted to the varsity authorities and it is up to the registrar and finance officer to move forward," said Rakesh Khanna.

But despite the fact that recommendations were submitted in July itself, the same has not been implemented till date even as varsity has completed all the admissions for undergraduate courses.

Dean student welfare J A Ansari said, "We have sent the file to the accounts section to refloat the tender and the scheme would be implemented once new rates are finalized." Vice-Chancellor A Satyanarayan said, "We would implement the scheme soon and this would be optional for the student to deposit the premium after the start of session, whosoever wants the benefit can get the same by depositing the bare minimum premium".

However, implementing the scheme now would be tedious task for the varsity as every UG student has already paid its fee and varsity would have no other option but to ask the students to deposit this additional amount separately.

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