A family from Wirrell, N.B., regrets contacting their insurance company after their house was struck by lightning earlier this year.
Fearing permanent damage after the strike, the Muzzeralls called their insurance broker of eight years.
An adjuster was sent out to examine the building and the couple didn't file a claim.
But they believe something the adjuster found led them to lose their coverage because two months later, they were told their insurance wouldn't be renewed until a number of matters were fixed.
Hoyt Fire Department, N.B.
Twenty firefighters are on call every day at the Hoyt Fire Department. (CBC)
They were also told their insurance rates would go up because the house wasn't within 13 kilometres of a fire station.
When Jennifer Muzzerall told the insurance company their home was seven kilometres from a fire hall they asked if it was a real one.
"I said, 'Well it's a volunteer fire department.' And she said, 'Is there people there all the time?'"
When Muzzerall told her that wasn't the case, the insurance representative said it isn't considered a "real fire hall."

Policy wouldn't be renewed

The Hoyt Fire Hall has a high rating according to the Fire Underwriters Survey, which provides data on public fire protection for insurance purposes and grade all fire stations. Twenty firefighters are on call every day, including Muzzerall's husband.
On Aug. 16, the Muzeralls then received another letter saying, regardless of what they fixed, their policy wouldn't be renewed.
Andrew McNair, CEO Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick
Andrew McNair, CEO of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick, says insurance companies don't have to state why they are dropping a client. (CBC)
Insurance broker, GoToInsure's Fredericton manager Jeff Daniels says they tried to look for another insurer for the Muzzerall family, but all declined for the same reasons as was outlined in the letter.
Andrew McNair, CEO of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick, says companies can choose not to insure for whatever reason, and don't have to say why.
"They typically will give you reasons, but there's nothing that states they absolutely have to with homeowners," he said.
The Muzzeralls may never know why they were dropped.
It took them two weeks of scrambling to find another insurer.